As 2015 kicks off, we dive right in and seek to fully understand and recover our redemption.

The bible is clear that God intends for his people to experience life abundantly. So why are things such a mess – even for Christians?

In this 12-session Bible study, Matt Chandler gets to the root of brokeness and our destructive patterns of behavior. We must reorient our lives around the gospel. With relentless grace, Matt unpacks true repentance and the doctrines of justification, adoption and sanctification with remarkably practical application.

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Wild Men of God are so excited to facilitate this 12 session study.  The study is based on the book by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer called Recovering Redemption – “A gospel-saturated perspective on how to change”.  We are  gathering on Saturday mornings for the video reviews and group discussions; each session will be based on the discoveries we will get during the videos and reading from the book, as well as the personal work done from the study guide.

This is a very thorough study and will take some commitment if you are going to get all the blessings that are available.  One of the challenges we are faced with when doing such studies is the commitment of the individuals. We know that many men like the Saturday mornings and some can even get the book and keep up on the weekly assignments, but not many are willing to fully engage. We understand that men are at different levels of commitment and many times there is just not enough time in a man’s busy week to do all the work outlined.

In this comprehensive study there is a “12-Session Bible Study” guide that we will be using along with the videos each week.  The study guide is not required and a man can go through the study without the study guide, but you will definitely gain the most from this study if you get the study guide and do the personal work during the week. Each week, in the study guide, there are three (3) personal studies that are expected to be done during the week on your own. Many men will be doing the personal studies and sharing revelations and observations. We would love to have you engaged in the full experience, but we also know that many men will not be able to commit to the three (3) additional personal studies during the week.

We have provided below the ISBN numbers for the books and a link to for each one with the estimated costs. You can get the books from a variety of places, locally and online.

Title ISBN $
Recovering Redemption – book   978-1-4336-8388-6  $8.49
Recovering Redemption – study guide   978-1-4300-3197-0  $14.95

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Enjoy the series that we went through with the following pages.

The Recovering Redemption Series

Introduction Introduction January 2015
Everything is Broken Session 1 1/10/2015
There is a Remedy Session 2 1/17/2015
The Response Session 3 1/24/2015
Justified & Adopted Session 4 2/7/2015
A time to grow Session 5 2/14/2015
Storm of Guilt & Shame Session 6 2/21/2015
Trusting God for Freedom of Fear Session 7 3/12/2015
Horticulture of Reality Session 8 4/4/2015
Grace: Love and Confession Session 9 4/11/2015
Confronting Sin Session 10 4/18/2015
Joy, unspeakable joy! Session 11 5/2/2015
Take it forward Session 12 5/8/2015