114 words of comfort for believers across centuries. Six simple verses describe the Shepherd as He delicately cares, fiercely protects, and fearlessly guides His sheep. Unlike most other psalms, it is not a prayer of petition, a lament of trouble, or a call for refuge. The twenty-third psalm is a thankful observance of deep provision, peace, protection, prosperity, and presence.

Regardless of where we are at in our walk in life, we will get immense love and healing as well as encouragement, cleansing and motivation from this study.

Psalm 23 is almost surely the most famous chapter in the Bible. The trees of both Christianity an Judaism are existentially planted on the banks of the still waters where peace overtakes anxiety, at the crest of rolling green pasture where shaded restoration is available to the depleted pilgrims of the age.

While so many understand the basic idea of God as Shepherd, there are far too many weary, aching, exhausted sheep to show any evidence that we have collectively allowed our lives to be restored in any meaningful way by the all-too-familiar Shepherd.

This study that we are going to embark on for the next few weeks is intended to provide a path for us, the sheep, to find our way back into the restorative arms of the Good Shepherd and to, as Tim Keller put it, consider whether or not we’ve really incorporated the “shepherdess” of Jesus into our understanding of God.

The prayers for this study is that many will approach familiar words and find the deep rest, renewal, and restoration that only the True Shepherd can provide. During this study we will unfold five main themes of the psalm…

Provision Psalm 23:1 8/6/2016
Peace Psalm 23:2-3 8/13/2016
Protection Psalm 23:4 8/20/2016
Prosperity Psalm 23:5 8/27/2016
Presence Psalm 23:6 9/3/2016

May this be a blessing to each of you as you engage with the other sheep and learn about the Shepherd.