To be king, is to have authority and dominion over something. For some of us, we learned from a king, how to rule and govern as king. Yet for many others of us, we were thrust into a role we were unprepared for.

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If this weeks discussion is new to you or you don’t know where to begin, start with peeking at the Study Guide and review the section on King. Just click the icon to the right and scroll to Chapter 7 “King” on approximately page 99.


Here were the key points from this chapter…


Review and ingest

Below is the video for the Sage stage.  Please come with examples of some people that have influenced you. Not all influence is good, have you had any authentic “sages” in your life?


  • Read “Sage” (Fathered by God, chapter 8)
  • Work through the study guide on King (pages 114 – 128)

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(March 11th)