For those that had a bit of resistance this week on the topic of “lover”. It would be most amusing if we were all truthful with what the reading revealed to each of us.  Most likely we were waiting to turn the page and learn about all the things we needed to do and the things were were not supposed to do. But it really was not like that.

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If you have not been traveling along with us up to this point, it is okay. Just click the icon in the upper right and scroll to Chapter 6 “Lover” on approximately page 83.

We have learned about the ambitions of boyhood, the forming years of cowboy and the defining years of warrior. Then we come to a big curve in the road. The stage of Lover. The hesitation can be dominant, but not until we read about the details of the lover stage do we fully get it. Maybe even like in our life, we just presumed and rushed right in with our assumptions. Well, this stage in our life is vital and most often overlooked.  The love and appreciation for God. The awe and wonder that overcomes our intellect and physical prowess.

Here were the key points from this chapter…


Review and ingest

Over the next two weeks, go back over the stages of Boyhood, Cowboy, Warrior and Lover. Get to know them clearly. Being able to clarify behaviors you are in and associate them with the proper stages. Whether it is something you are doing at church, at work. At home, regardless. Begin to acknowledge what stage you are in throughout all areas of your life.  This will help you prepare for and be well equipped for each stage and not taken out.

Below is the video for the King stage. We will meet again at Panera on March 4th.  Please come with examples of activities in your life and how you categorized them.


  • Read “King” (Fathered by God, chapter 7)
  • Work through the study guide on King (pages 99 – 113)

See you @ Panera on March 4th…