As we continue our work through Fathered by God/Way of the Wild Heart, in session 2 we are reading about the “True son of a True Father”, some things float to the surface. The study guide identifies some key points to remember; take into consideration…

  • Most of us feel fundamentally fatherless.
  • Our core assumptions about the world boil down to this: We are on our own to make life work. We are not watched over. We are not cared for.
  • “The hardest, gladdest thing in the world is to cry Father! from a full heart . . . the refusal to look up to God as our father is the one central wrong in the whole human affair; the inability, the one central misery.” (George MacDonald)
  • You have a good Father. He is better than you thought. He cares. He really does. He’s kind and generous. He’s out for your best. You are the son of a kind, strong, and engaged Father, a Father wise enough to guide you in the Way, generous enough to provide for your journey.
  • Coming home to our heavenly Father is the goal of human existence.
  • We are Unfinished Men. And in truth, the Father has been fathering us for a long time now or, at least, trying to. What I’m suggesting is a new way of looking at your life as a man. To see your life as a process of initiation into masculine maturity, and your Father doing the initiating.

This chapter refers to a movie “Kingdom of Heaven” and it is very good.  It has been out for several years on DVD, but if you can’t find it or don’t want to pay for a rental, you can watch it for free on YouTube going to this channel. There are 17 youtube clips that comprise the whole movie. As the study guide states, it would be good to watch this early in the week before you answer all the questions in the study guide.