A challenging question, one easily shrugged off…

In this weeks study guide section there is some real challenging questions that should not be overlooked. The chapter and the first part of the study guide focuses a lot on the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”, and if you did not watch it or did not watch the whole thing, you might feel prone to just skip the study guide questions. All I can say is DON’T!

Just move in the study guide to the middle of page 23, where the real challenging and raw questions begin…(approximately page 23

Do You Believe?

It is easy for self-proclaiming Christians to proclaim, “sure”, “yes”, “of course”. But please, please, please, read through the section.

Do you really want someone, a father, to be involved in your life? At your age, have you just proven you can do it and you don’t need any help?  Do you think that it would just be a burden to have someone looking over your shoulder? Sometimes it just gets easier for us to believe we are fatherless, and just don’t care.

Why does it matter? It matters because it impacts your relationship with God on a daily basis. You might be grateful for His saving grace; rescuing you and providing a way to get into heaven when you leave this world, but what about involved in your life today. Now that you have survived your childhood?  I encourage you to go through the questions remaining after page 23…

Watch this video, let God into your life, we will gather Saturday morning at Panera.