Well, this week we read about boyhood. An confirmation read for some and a fantasy read for many others.  In the Boyhood chapter, John outlines the embrace of the father. The love and support of the father.

For many of us, that is just as real as watching one of our childhood t.v. shows.  It must be a special time when a father comes alongside one and embraces with no agenda or motivation, besides love.

Whether you were comforted when someone wreaked your car; when a girl broke up with you; when your best friend stole your girl; when you got fired for no reason; when you got an undeserved job review.  Whatever the situation and whether it happened or not, the only truth I can stand on is that God has been there wanting to push into your space and embrace us.

Think this week of times when you wished your dad came and embraced you. Were there times when it did happen and you can reflect with joy? Capture these real emotions and let God, your Abba Father, come in and work it out with you.