A comeback is described as “a return to a former good position or condition”. A couple things are necessary for a comeback…

  1. a baseline position or situation
  2. a setback
  3. recovery, redemption, restoration

All of us have had numerous baselines in our life, a time of where we were at.  Many of use visit those a lot when we reflect on “what if”, “how come”, “if only”.

Watch the video clip of Jarryd Wallace, Georgia native and see a Comeback illustrated.

Out of the marvelous story, we can see perseverance, and it is also abundantly around our lives. Each of use have experienced setbacks in our life. Some of them have been devastating and others have yet to be answered.

In Jarryd’s struggle with lost dreams and new identity and definitions of “normal”, God told Jarryd that He could use Jarryd where he was at. That Jarryd needed to need God more than he needed himself.

In many of our cases, we get in a bad spot and the legend that plays in our head is that we need to “pull ourselves up by our own boot straps”. We feel we need to rise up. We get into a mode or vision of “survivor”. But in Jarryd’s story God pushed into the difficult situation and declared “you need to desire me more than you”.

Have you had a time where God (or someone else) came in close and questioned what you were relying on? What you were looking to for hope, and it was not God?

We know at this point in our life, there are a lot of things that have happened and consequences have been played out, many things devastating.  Jarryd was internally disappointed that he could not strive to be who he wanted to be, a great runner. Even after facing the situation head-on and making the team and excelling again, there was yet another setback. They did not qualify, they had been eliminated; Jarryd actually stumbled and failed in what he thought was his “one moment”.

Once again, Jarryd faces yet another failure. He had picked up the pieces and was thinking he was on his way to show everyone how great God was, but another tragedy. What was this all about?

God came in when Jarryd was in desperation and explained to Jarryd “people can relate more to your fall than to your win”.  As painful as that was, it was clear, and it should be clear to us as well, that more people can relate to failing than winning.

What “fall” were you angry or frustrated with that more people can relate to than if it did not happen?

Do you use your adversity to connect with others that are in a bad season or situation?

Even when Jarryd moved on and did successfully compete. It did not end there. Remember is was right after he broke the world record, the questions were posed: “are you going to run faster?”.  We get those same oppositions, this same painful jabs in the side? “Is that all you got?”, “Can’t you do better?”. If it is not by our coworkers, it might be by friends, it might event be by a close loved one, but even if we don’t hear it verbally, internally we hear it from our own voice…

God used that moment to show Jarryd that the world will never be satisfied, but He is. God explained that Jarryd had a hang-up with trying to be good enough. God declared that He was satisfied with who Jarryd was and why wasn’t Jarryd satisfied with Jarryd?  This is not to say that God wanted him to not get up and do more; God never wants to leave us in the condition we are in.

When the “how’s that working for you?” banner gets raised in your face, has it helped you realize you have taken your eyes off the true goal?

There are multiple bible stories that are so beautiful in relationship to this story. There is Peter that declared to Jesus directly that he was the best disciple and that he would stick by him like no other, yet he denied him and cowardly watched the crucifixion from a distance, but God came back and confronted Peter on the water where he had returned to what he thought was his only skill and satisfaction, fishing.

Then probably the most detailed Comeback champion is Joseph. Time after time Joseph is thrown into controversy. If not getting in the confrontations with his brothers about a dream he had, to being sold as a slave, being thrown in prison, being forgotten by a cellmate. Then rising to power in the most impressive land, to only be accused of assault when actually he was tempted. But Joseph knew the God of Romans 8:28 all too well…

We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. – Romans 8:28 NLT

What is a biblical story you can relate to the most where God has used someone in their mess for His glory?

What situation are you in right now that is confusing, frustrating, and not clear? Are you in a situation where it doesn’t look like God is using any part of your story?

Be encouraged this week that people can use your setbacks and failure more than your victories. Don’t let the situation that did not go as you planned not result in what God is doing.