In a beautiful conclusion of our Recovering Redemption series, Matt closes out with some wise counsel from Jesus captured in Matthew chapter 5.

We started out the series with either internal or external issues that show things are not all okay. They can be spiritual, physical or emotional, but regardless, those things are systematic, not the real problem. We end up focusing on they symptoms and not the real issues.

We end up trying make a better us. If we are the problem, we need to understand a better us will not make things right. There are not objectives to be approved and honored by others. Materialism then kicks in where we think if just get more stuff, we will feel better. Going to church not going to help us. There is a bigger challenge we must all face, it is our heart that needs attention.

Check out this weeks video from when Matt did the original sermon at the Village Church in Texas.

Finish out this series by completing the remaining pages of the study guide to put a bow on the gift we have received from this study. You are encouraged to also read the epilogue at the end of the book. May the work you put in and the message you received be a blessing, not only now, but for the remainder of your days.

  • Study-Guide Session 11 (pg 194 – 205)
  • Epilogue (page 194 of Recovering Redemption)