Our life is a continual transformation. We’ve been changed – instantaneously justified and adopted – but growing to maturity in sanctification is an ongoing process.

Much of life can be viewed as a garden. Not as the garden of Eden, but a working garden. One that has seeds planted, but also one that has fragile plants sprouting with invading weeds and work to be done to ever get a harvest. If you have ever worked a garden for a season you can inevitably acknowledge that never ending battle with weeds. That is very much like our life. The seed of the Gospel has been planted, but the weeds definitely oppose us. Many times we go through and try our best to address our problems and many times we just get angry and take a weed eater to the enemy and feel content. But soon they come back. The beauty for us is that we are not alone in this battle. God is working to assist us to get the weeds pulled, roots and all.

Let us also realize that just because we have been chosen and we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, it is not like we will never have weeds in our garden again.  Also, just because weeds appear in our garden does not mean we are blowing it, or we have done something wrong. Weeding of the garden will not end until we meet our Creator.

Check out the sermon message that Matt preached on the subject and rejoice that you are not alone. Yes, there is continuous work that needs to be done, but the harvest is well worth it.

Use this time to do a real investigation into your life and allow God to work with you to Recovery Redemption.

  • Study-Guide Session 8 (pg 130 – 139)
  • Read Chapter 9 in Recovering Redemption