We begin a transition this week from focusing on the vertical relationship with God, to the horizontal: relationships with others.

God doesn’t just expect us to love one another. He loved us first. He showed us how and enables us to do so. He pursued us in making peace and desires that we respond by pursuing peace with others.

Relationships with others, on the horizontal platform is a lot more difficult than the vertical with God. When we attempt to have relationships with others, we come to realize that we are hurt and damaged, and others are hurt and damaged in their own ways.

Throughout our life we have experienced heartaches and disappoints as well as hurting others, but we learn to survive.  Our behaviors are our responsibility and as we learn from scripture we need to engage with reconciliation.

Below is the sermon that Matt Chandler preached that our lesson was based on. Allow the message from Matt to reveal much wisdom about relationships and responsibilities.

Use this time to do a real investigation into your life and allow God to work with you to Recovery Redemption.

  • Study-Guide Session 9 (pg 141 – 157)
  • Read Chapter 10 in Recovering Redemption