It has happen to all of us. There have been people in our life that have done us wrong.  There are also close friends in our life that are continuing to do sinful acts. Some times not against us, but still against our Savior. As we love each other and declare that we are in this together and that none of us are better than all of us, we declare we need each other. The benefit of being is community is getting assistance in reflection of our walk.

This week Matt went through the classic section of scripture in Matthew 18.  This is the section of the bible that gives us instruction of how to restore our brother gently and biblically.  This procedure is intended to be used with fellow believers in Jesus Christ and followers of His ways.  These principles are not reserved to just our inner circle, but to those in our life.  Prior to taking action with Matthew 18, it is wise to seek counsel from an accountability person in your life for direction and clarity.

Matt referenced a book by Ken Sande, called the Peace Keeper. You can find that on Amazon and possibly on Kindle and Nook. It is a good reference book to learn more about the restoring and healing process of putting Matthew 18 into practice.

A reminder this week was that the Matthew 18 practices are for correcting an action that is still in place, not asking for forgiveness. Please refer to last weeks message on the steps and actions to engage in forgiveness.

God doesn’t just expect us to love one another. He loved us first. He showed us how and enables us to do so. He pursued us in making peace and desires that we respond by pursuing peace with others.

Check out this weeks video from when Matt did the original sermon at the Village Church in Texas.

Use this time to do a real investigation into your life and allow God to work with you to Recovery Redemption.

  • Study-Guide Session 10 (pg 162 – 173)
  • Read Chapter 11 in Recovering Redemption