Well, after last weeks message that sent me personally reeling in reflections of all the vicious cycles I had been in, I thought his week on fear was going to be a cakewalk. Yeah, the one thing about transparency and sanctification, there is always more to the story.

I was thinking that I have been through a lot of things in life, I have been freed of many of my debilitating habits and my desires for self-destruction are bottoming out; I don’t fear much. This will be a coasting week.

Then, just like many weeks, my openness to the Holy Spirit and the crafty work of the Lord has pointed out many opportunities for me to relate to this weeks message.

I know that when I became a Christian it was strange, calling on a father and trusting in a father. I had no good references or experiences with a father; mine died when I was 12. I was open to the idea and I had faith to believe of a true, loving father. Unlike many others I know, it is not easy. If you had a mean or abusive father, calling on a higher power as father can be bittersweet.

This weeks lesson really helped me personally gain confidence in Him, and also step out of denial of some of my fear that I was just ignoring and let grow in my heart.

Here is the online sermon that covers last Saturdays session and Matt can explain in more detail…

Use this time to do a real investigation into your life and allow God to work with you to Recovery Redemption.

  • Study-Guide Session 7 (pg 114 – 125)
  • Read Chapter 8 in Recovering Redemption