We don’t really get redeemed at Panera Bread, but Wild Men of God will meet at Panera Bread this coming Saturday at 8am to discuss our progress through Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler.

If you have been progressing through your study guide, bring it with you. If you have the empty study guide, bring it with you. We have had a wonderful season of awakening. A season of affirmation and a season of revelation. Let us grasp a hold of what is before us.

There are two facets of holiness: positional holiness – standing blameless before God with the righteousness imputed to you by Christ – and manifest holiness – learning to walk up right as you take up your cross and follow Christ. “Recovering Redemption” by Matt Chandler

We know from the bible and our own personal experience that we are needed to engage and do our part in this sanctification process. Take that step Saturday, come here what He has to say. Get encouragement from those in the battle next to you!