The home, when led by a successful husband and father, not only brings blessing to his own life but enables his wife and family to fulfill their divine destinies as well. This week the message centers on Psalm 128:3

Your wife will bear children as a vine bears grapes,
your household lush as a vineyard,
The children around your table
as fresh and promising as young olive shoots.
– Psalm 128:3 MSG

The concept is that when your wife is presented rightfully so before the Lord, under your care, she will be a fruitful vine. One producing spiritual fruit. Your children will be healthy and vibrant as a young olive shoot.

When it comes to the decision to marry a woman, the man must take a few things into account before committing to such an important life moment. For starters, you should consider the ramifications of making such a powerful statement of trust, faith, and hope in a covenant of marriage. It is not to be taken lightly.

Check out this weeks video and make sure you come join us Saturday.

Whether you are married, dating, divorced or just going through life, this is a great message for all of us. Don’t let the enemy skew you away from the honest Word of God. Even if you have not joined us yet, jump in. This would not be a waste of your time.

We meet for coffee and snacks (bring some thing, share something) at

Saturday, May 10th
Greystone Falls clubhouse
(next to the Welcome Center off exit 12 north of Columbus)

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