Your destiny as a kingdom man isn’t only to be different but also to make a difference. It’s your responsibility to take your influence beyond the scope of your own home an into the world. Kingdom men go public.

Instead of running from responsibility as men in today’s culture do, kingdom men are ready to step up to the plate and to be leaders in their churches and communities. No greater challenge exists today than the need to impact our communities and our country for Christ. Men who will take a stand for the kingdom of God are desperately needed in our nation and our world.

This week we will be challenged about having a spiritual father and friend. Not only to have one, but to be one. Here is a good video from Tony and a great challenge, what are you going to do?

You can be a godly man and be a godly influence….

We will be meeting for the last time in this series, Saturday, May 17th at the Greystone Falls clubhouse at 8AM.

Following this study, we want to challenge you to be an influence, to walk out your Kingdom Man role and help in the community. Bubba has followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and how appropriate we have a chance to help someone in need. Please contact me or Bubba directly to get directions.

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Remember, even if you can’t lift a board or paint brush, you can at least show up for a brief amount of time for encouraging those there and praying as well with those serving as well as those being served.