There was a lot of great discussion last week around the thoughts of being great and making a significance in our lifetime. We learned that we don’t get to create the rules but we are responsible for governing and enforcing the rules on the books, the bible.

There was that great analogy of the wild horse not wanting to be ridden, then after enough challenges and tribulations, the horses will is broken and he can not we ridden. The beautiful thing to remember in this analogy is that the horse is not weaker after it is broken. It can run just as fast as it could before. It can jump just as high, it just now is cooperative, with power under control. That is so much like us battling with God, until we are broken to follow His will, not ours.

We will meet again this Saturday, April 19, at 8am in the Greystone Falls Clubhouse. Remember, even if you have missed the first two sessions, you can jump right in and participate this week. The previous week handouts are below the video. If you have been plugging right along, remember the same thing applies to any of your friends or connections. They are welcome to jump right in as well.

Here is this weeks video from Tony…

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