I was studying this morning and ran across a very helpful and clear section of doctrine and thought it we be good to share.  We hear and talk about salvation and we think it is straight forward, or at least our belief and idea of it anyway.  The following is a section of truthful foundations that can clarify many things.

To begin with there needs to be ‘election’. That is God’s decision to choose us to be saved before the foundation of the world. It is the first step that has to occur. From there on it builds and builds. I know I have fumbled around with thoughts and what comes first, but the following list is accurate and very helpful.

The Order of Salvation

  1. Election (God’s choice of people to be saved)
  2. The gospel call (proclaiming the message of the gospel)
  3. Regeneration (being born again)
  4. Conversion (faith and repentance)
  5. Justification (right legal standing)
  6. Adoption (membership in God’s family)
  7. Sanctification (right conduct of life)
  8. Perseverance (remaining a Christian)
  9. Death (going to be with the Lord)
  10. Glorification (receiving a resurrection body)

We need to be aware that number 2-6 and part of 7 are all involved in “becoming a Christian”. Numbers 7 and 8 work themselves out in life, number 9 occurs at the end of this life and number 10 occurs when Christ returns.

With the order of Salvation listed out now, you can see in a bigger picture how things can begin to fit together. Now we can break it down and learn on a daily basis and see how it interrelates to the big picture.  Hope this helped, God bless and remember: “Everyday, all the time. All the time, everyday!”

A great reference book to have on hand for the hard questions and for foundational facts is the “Bible Doctrine – Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith” by Wayne Grudem. Which is a follow-up to his very weighty, seminary oriented Systematic Theology. Like Systematic Theology, this book is marked with clarity, its strong scriptural emphasis, its thoroughness in scope and detail, and its treatment of such timely topics as spiritual warfare and the gifts of the Spirit. A great book to have on your bookshelf.