We know of the act on the cross where Jesus declared. “It is finished”. Then we read about all the acts of the apostles and we learn about all the things we are supposed to do and how we are to make disciples, be fishers of men. Do this, do that and we just seem to battle through this daily activity called life.

bible-sunsetMany of us have had or are currently going through some challenging times in life. We have personal challenges with relationships, we have concerns of our own health. We monitor and control our daily actions with intentions to grow and adapt to be more like Jesus each day.

If we believe that Jesus died on the cross to save us from hell. To die for our sins and give us the opportunity to live in all eternity with him in heaven, why do we not believe the end of the story of the bible where Jesus will return?

Holding on to the promise of the end can help to carry us through difficult situations today. As Christians, peace comes from knowing our pain will end. Joy results from our confidence that Jesus is returning to make all things new.

Check out this weeks chapter; PDF file below, as well as the audio version.

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PDF for Part V: Session 6 “The End of the Story”

Part V: Session 6 Reading Plan

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2 Peter 3

Revelation 1

Revelation 4
Revelation 5

Revelation 6
Revelation 7

Revelation 19
Revelation 20

Revelation 21
Revelation 22

This reading plan is outlined on Youversion.com reading plan “Multiply Reading Plan: Francis Chan” This week is Sunday, day 162 – Friday, day 167.

We are continuing our journey through the book Multiply. If you don’t have a copy use, don’t fret, we provide a PDF link each week for you to read, listen and journey with us. For more information about the Multiply Movement, check out their website: http://multiplymovement.com