Jesus did not come and die on the cross and intend for us to accept eternal salvation with Him and then sit and hide on the porch, working to not sin any more.  He came and died that we would be forgiven and grant us the authority of heaven by being adopted.  He forgave us our sins by dying on the cross, but we have to remember that he was raised from the dead and ascended to heaven to give us life.

We are to live this life with confidence, joy and security that can only be established by the creator of all things. If his intention was to die on the cross to get us to heaven, don’t you think we would be there right now?  Part of the joys of life are having relationships, victories and triumphs, rooted in love.  Remember, if you don’t have love, you don’t have anything.

This week we learn about the foundations of the gospel and the actions taken by the first church.  The concept of being a missionary was more significant to Paul than being a theologian. He was a well educated man of the law, from when he was a leader of the Pharisees. Once he was touched by Jesus healing power, his main desire was to share the good news.

Are you grateful about what you have and what you don’t have to have? It is a great revelation to be in a position to have your number one desire to see someone’s eyes light up and they get injected with hope.  We must understand that the gospel is not something reserved for us a a certain church group, but for all people.

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Part V: Session 5 Reading Plan

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Acts 16
Acts 17

Acts 18
Acts 19

Acts 20
Acts 21
Acts 22

Acts 23
Acts 24

Acts 25
Acts 26

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Acts 28

This reading plan is outlined on reading plan “Multiply Reading Plan: Francis Chan” This week is Sunday, day 155 – Friday, day 160.

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