We have been learning for a couple months now about all the covenants God had continued to make with his people.  We learn this week about the continued rebellion of the Israelites and we can begin to judge them.  If we are honest though, we know that the behavior they exhibited is very similar to our very own actions.

God follows through with His promise. A truthful and faithful God has to follow through with the consequences. Not only as sinners doing what we are not suppose to do, but we need to also learn from God’s character through this in how we keep our own promises.

When we have the opportunity to make agreements and covenants with others, do we follow through with our promises? Or do we not follow through?  We can degrade our own integrity when we don’t do what we promise. Of course there are those times when we say that if we do follow through with the consequences, it could make the situation worse. That should really get us thinking about the promises, agreements and covenants we make. Are we willing to follow through with the covenants?

When we threaten punishment for actions done to us, does it really make us a better person to not follow through with the consequences defined?

This week we will learn more about what makes God so awesome.  He comes through with His faithfulness time after time.
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Part IV: Session 9 Reading Plan

Deuteronomy 28

Jeremiah 52
Lamentations 5

Daniel 9:1-19

Jeremiah 31:10-37
Ezekiel 36:22-36

Jeremiah 33

Isaiah 40
Isaiah 64

This reading plan is outlined on Youversion.com reading plan “Multiply Reading Plan: Francis Chan” This week is Sunday, day 120 – Friday, day 125.

We are continuing our journey through the book Multiply. If you don’t have a copy use, don’t fret, we provide a PDF link each week for you to read, listen and journey with us. For more information about the Multiply Movement, check out their website: http://multiplymovement.com