From time to time, we go on vacation, we have business trips, we get sick and other things just come up. It is that feeling we get when a friend that we have become accustom to is away.  We tend to chat internally about someone missing, but we don’t share too often with the person gone about the emotional impact we feel.

This month Rob has been away on a business trip that seems almost like it has been a whole month. We have gotten texts from him and some calls, but that personal experience is just lacking.  Now the idea is not so much about us, but about sharing with our friend that is away. We know when we are away that we feel isolated and very distant. The video below is intended to let Rob know how much we missed him this last weekend at breakfast.  At first it might appear as though we are grasping for Rob or that he is greater than another, but in reality it is actually a transformational mindset we want to work towards. We want to be able to learn to communicate with people openly about how we feel. About what we appreciate in them, what we think of them. May this be a challenge for each of us to grasp the idea of living life and sharing emotions with each other. That is a valuable aspect of living a life.

The question for you is, when you are missing someone, are you more prone to consul with someone near you, or do you reach out and tell that person that they are valuable and how much you miss them?