For thousands of years people had been promised that there would be a coming messiah. That God would come through and make all things right.  That happened when Jesus was born.

We are so fortunate to be living after his arrival. Can you imagine what it would be like living in a life hoping that something miraculous was going to happen and then second-guessing ourselves hoping we were doing all the right things?  When some one even acknowledges that a man was born and referred to as Jesus Christ, they are actually stating that God has come and fulfilled prophecy. It is because the reference to Christ is not a last name. It is the Hebrew word for messiah. In essence, Jesus Messiah. It has been fulfilled.

This week we have a great introduction to the New Testament, but the challenge at this point is that the audio file for the chapter is not fully functional. It stops about half way. Yep, that means that you will actually have to read the chapter without audio. One solution might be to meet up with a disciple and read it together. Alternating paragraphs and collaborating in a worthy task.

This week for your accompanment of bible reading, it will be John chapter 1 through 12. Now just because you have read the book of John before, it would be in your best interest to just take a couple bites each day and see what the Holy Spirit has in store for you. The daily reading plan for the week is outlined below.

We will be at Panera Bread this coming Saturday at 8am, after a great Summer breakfast. Hope to see you there! (also, many guys actually arrive around 7am and begin fellowship and accountability before we get started, and you are welcome to join in).

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If you want to read the section in PDF format, grab that here:
PDF for Part V: Session 1 “Jesus the Messiah”

Part V: Session 1 Reading Plan

John 1
John 2

John 3
John 4

John 5
John 6

John 7
John 8

John 9
John 10

John 11
John 12

This reading plan is outlined on reading plan “Multiply Reading Plan: Francis Chan” This week is Sunday, day 127 – Friday, day 132.

We are continuing our journey through the book Multiply. If you don’t have a copy use, don’t fret, we provide a PDF link each week for you to read, listen and journey with us. For more information about the Multiply Movement, check out their website: