Seated statue of a pharaoh at the seventh pylon of the Temple of Amun

We read, learned and could really relate to that reoccurring cycle of humanity; people sin, people suffer the consequences, God redeems. We have all lived this, one way or the other and at varying levels.

The whole concept that the creator and authority over everything, offering us redemption is beyond what we can really comprehend. Most of the time it is all we can do to listen and console someone that has done something wrong and paid the consequences, let alone redeem them.

If we are honest with ourselves, from time to time we have gotten off track. We have put ourselves in a bad situation. Sometimes with assistance of others and other times we just do it to ourselves. As we come to the end of Genesis, we see these blessed decedents of Abraham in a difficult situation. They are slaves in a foreign land.  Have you ever felt that way?  Let’s see what we can learn from the Word this week about God’s plan for redemption.

For more insights on this weeks reading, check out the video of Francis and David

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MP3 for Part IV, Session 4 “Exodus and Redemption”

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PDF for Part IV: Session 4 “Exodus and Redemption”