Get into the WordI wanted to post some encouragement and a reminder for us. This came to mind for me this week as we studied about sacrifices and atonement. Francis Chan does a good job of giving some insights, cross references and overviews, but we must not just spend this time as a commentary.

Each week in the YouVersion reading plan there is biblical chapters that lay the foundation of what we are covering.  If you merely show up on Saturday mornings and listen to us re-read the chapter over a cup of coffee, then you are merely getting an interpretation of the message of the bible. Remember when we were back in Part III, Session 3 and we covered the part about how we study the bible, and what it was to study logically? If you don’t I would suggest you go back at peak at it.

We were taught that the most common mistake made in Bible interpretation is when people focus too much on “what this verse means to me”. It’s not uncommon for Bible Study groups to go around the circle as each person shares an individualized interpretation. Often these interpretations are made with little study and are heavily influenced by opinion and desire.

I want to urge you to read along in the bible to get the foundational truth each week. Not to just rely on some great fellowship and brotherly insights as your biblical studies. I hope that you can at least read some of the chapters associated with our Multiply sessions. I will begin to post the chapters for each week in the posts with the video, mp3 and pdf files each week.

I sure hope you guys are enjoying this biblical study and teaching on discipleship. I know that I may have read the bible for almost 20 years, but this last 6 months has shed a lot light on some biblical truths that just prepare and equip me for each day.  See you Saturday!

Part IV: Session 6 Reading Plan

Leviticus 16
Leviticus 17
Leviticus 19
Deuteronomy 16
Hebrews 8
Hebrews 9
Hebrews 10
Isaiah 53

This reading plan is outlined on reading plan “Multiply Reading Plan: Francis Chan & David Platt” This week is Sunday, day 99 – Friday, day 104.