Mt. Sinai

Mt. Sinai – the mountain where God revealed himself to Moses in Exodus chapter 24

After a wonderful discussion and revelations about the Exodus and the birth of Moses, we continue our journey in the old testament and learn about the covenant God made with Moses. We learned a lot about the covenant that God made with Abraham and how that still impacts us today. Now God continues and makes another covenant with Moses.
Journey along with us as we learn more about Yahweh and the constant pursuit and passion he has for us. If you have not been journeying with us, you can easily jump right in. Below is a brief video of this weeks topic, presented by Francis Chan and David Platt. Followed by a convenient MP3 file that is the audio for this weeks chapter, along with a PDF file for the session.

We meet at Panera Bread in Columbus, GA at 8am. We hope to see you there!

Below is the PDF version of the chapter as well as the MP3 Audio file link.
Enjoy, and hope to see you Saturday!

If you want to listen to the chapter in MP3 format, grab that here:
MP3 for Part IV, Session 5 “God’s covenant with Moses”

If you want to read the section in PDF format, grab that here:
PDF for Part IV: Session 5 “God’s covenant with Moses”

We are continuing our journey through the book Multiply. If you don’t have a copy use, don’t fret, we provide a PDF link each week for you to read, listen and journey with us. For more information about the Multiply Movement, check out their website: