We learned about sacrifice and atonement, but now the ultimate occasion becomes a reality. God, himself, wants to be with us.  In this weeks Bible reading we read about the details of the relationship God has with Moses, the Israelites and us.

In Exodus this week we learn how God’s attitude shifts from being with the Israelites to just sending an angel to be with them.  How God tells Moses to take the tablets and head down the mountain, because his, Moses’, people were making idols.

Replica of portable tabernacle near Yahel, HaDarom, Israel.

This week we really learn about the tabernacle. We learn how there was a mobile version of the tabernacle, then how David wants to build a permanent tabernacle, but God reserves that for David’s son, Solomon, to fulfill.

Then we learn about the ultimate tabernacle.  Where the Holy Spirit dwells today. When you go through this chapter, you will be enlightened by the relentless pursuit God has for a relationship with his people. I am so grateful that I did not have to chase around or tote a temporary tabernacle and so blessed to be living in our times where we have the intimate, ultimate relationship with God.

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Below is the PDF version of the chapter as well as the MP3 Audio file link.

If you want to listen to the chapter in MP3 format, grab that here:
MP3 for Part IV, Session 7 “God’s Presence on Earth”

If you want to read the section in PDF format, grab that here:
PDF for Part IV: Session 7 “God’s presence on earth”

Part IV: Session 7 Reading Plan

Exodus 32
Exodus 33
Exodus 34
Exodus 35
1 Kings 5
1 Kings 6
1 Kings 7
1 Kings 8
1 Kings 9
Psalm 65
Psalm 66
Psalm 84

This reading plan is outlined on Youversion.com reading plan “Multiply Reading Plan: Francis Chan” This week is Sunday, day 106 – Friday, day 111.

We are continuing our journey through the book Multiply. If you don’t have a copy use, don’t fret, we provide a PDF link each week for you to read, listen and journey with us. For more information about the Multiply Movement, check out their website: http://multiplymovement.com