We continue to explore the whole idea of reading and studying the bible. Over the years we have all been exposed to reading the bible. We spent time studying together. We have most likely attended many “bible studies”.  But how do we approach such an activity?

Last week we learned about prayerfully asking the Holy Spirit to be involved in our bible reading. We get to the point where we even approach reading the bible with the concept and agreement that we are ready and willing to be changed by reading the bible.

This week we learn how to really begin the pursuit of studying the Word of God.  Many studies and meetings are spent just sitting around reading a couple sentences and then asking each person what it means to them or how do they apply the thoughts to their life. But in realistic terms, we need to really understand the original context the Bible was written and why. Otherwise we can just apply whatever scripture we want to our lives and all we really do is justify our own belief system.

For more insights on this weeks reading, check out the video of Francis and David

This week work through Part III: Session 3, Study Logically. If you get busy, below is the PDF version of the chapter as well as the MP3 Audio file link. Enjoy, see you Saturday!

If you want to listen to the chapter in MP3 format, grab that here:
MP3 for Part 3, Session 3 “Study Logically”

If you want to read the chapter in PDF format, grab that here:
PDF for Part 3: Session 3 “Study Logically” pdf file