We learned a lot over the last three weeks about studying the bible. Some insights to possibly get more out of the time we spend reading the bible and hopefully some good encouragement for our own walk with the Lord.

It was a very strong topic when we acknowledged the apprehension from diving into the Old Testament. Well, for our benefit, that is right where the book is taking us in this next section. In the beginning… yeah, we have read it. Over and over again. But what do you take away from it? Let’s take this section serious. It might be the first time that reality comes to the forefront in your reading of the Old Testament. Remember…

Don’t give up before the miracle happens!

For more insights on this weeks reading, check out the video of Francis and David

This week work through Part IV: Session 1, “Understanding the Old Testament: Creation”. If you get busy, below is the PDF version of the chapter as well as the MP3 Audio file link. Enjoy, see you Saturday!

If you want to listen to the chapter in MP3 format, grab that here:
MP3 for Part IV, Session 1 “Understanding the Old Testament: Creation”

If you want to read the chapter in PDF format, grab that here:
PDF for Part IV: Session 1 “Understanding the Old Testament: Creation” pdf file