We have been going through the Multiply book now for a couple months. We have got some really good foundational principles. I also think that last years reading through and studying many of the new testament letters really set the foundation.

Now we read about making disciples. We get the idea of sharing our faith, about inviting people to church. We might have even gone on a mission trip, either locally or abroad, but how does this all fit together?

Are we called to go out and gather families, groups of people and start bible studies? Many will tend to be more reserved. The best part of being in a small community group is to discuss life. Share prayer requests and just encourage each other to make it through the week.

We get this uneasy feeling about the need to go make disciples and to not focus inwardly and come to church to just suck energy out for our own good. But what do  we do if our church does not seem to be jumping right out and engaging the way we have been reading about? Well, don’t fear.  Here is a nice film clip from David Platt that talks about some sensible ways to put the discipleship making process in motion. Hope this helps…

What If My Church Isn’t Focused on Making Disciples? from Multiply on Vimeo.