bibleA Holy Bible. We all have one. Most of us have more than one. We have different styles, different sizes. Some with commentary, maps, helps

Do you come to the bible with options to consider? Do you think that the bible is like a little fortune teller that you can go to when trying to determine which BBQ grill to buy? Which restaurant to go to? Don’t laugh, some people do.

This week we want to really take a practical look at this book we carry, read and take guidance from. You just may be surprised at what you find out. Many of you will shy away from this weeks lesson. You may have taken many classes and even went to school to study the bible. Great! Maybe you can help us! Remember, none of us is better than all of us.

This week work through Part III: Session 1, How to study the bible. If you get busy, below is the PDF version of the chapter as well as the MP3 Audio file link. Enjoy, see you Saturday!

If you want to listen to the chapter in MP3 format, grab that here:
MP3 for Part 3, Session 1 “How to Study the Bible”

If you want to read the chapter in PDF format, grab that here:
PDF for Part 3: Session 1 “How to Study the Bible” pdf file