Just so each of you know, there are multiple ways to take in the information each week as we advance through Multiply.

You can listen to an audio recording of the reading assignment by clicking the following link:

You can download a PDF sniplet of the reading assignment by clicking the following link:

Or read more and watch a video with Francis and David talking about making disciples by clicking the following link:
week1 summary

There will be times when you cannot join us on Saturdays, but do not let that be a distraction. Remember that the whole concept being shared here is that our community engagement does not have anything to do with a weekly bible study. Work through these questions. Work through the questions with a honest, sincere heart. I suggest reading through it one time, then come back through it to answer the questions. We are doing this to make fun of anybody, remember there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus.

We do want to be as serious with this as we can and what we each have to do is engage in these questions. Even if you know your answer is not what it should be, but honest. The very best thing you can do is work through this material with your battle buddy, your accountability partner, your spiritual adviser, your discipleship partner. Then come and share during our coffee-talks. Coming to the coffee-talks is fun, but in reality your truthful, honest work through this book with be on a more intimate engagement. Where you and maybe one or two guys commit to going deeper together.

If you miss a weekend over coffee, that is no excuse to not keep up with the material and your work through the questions and discussions. Connect during the week with someone, come to experience what was truly attended by Jesus invitation to walk with him.