The holiday season is coming, and there is nothing we can do about it. Well, we can’t stop it from coming. But we can approach it, relate to it and engage in it any way we want.  Many of us have memories of many holiday pasts. There are good ones, there are the strange ones and there are of course, the ones we would like to forget.  Not to mention, all the ones that we don’t even remember.

We have the opportunity to really enjoy and make this coming Thanksgiving a great memory. We can take our restraints off of what can happen and allow memories to be created. Most of us don’t want any bad moments to occur again, so we don’t experience the great opportunities that can happen.

Think of the moments of the years that put a smile on your face. Maybe a moment that did not happen often enough. Maybe a memory or thought of how you wished things would have been different, then make an effort to make them happen this year. Be the memory maker. Don’t just slide through another holiday season wishing that it would just fast forward. Don’t believe the lie that the best holidays are behind you. That is a lie. You have not experienced this holiday, don’t push your chips in before your even dealt your cards.

Here is a great little video from Tommy and Eddie, the Skit Guys.  This clip has more to it than the obvious. The two men come together with an opportunity, it does not turn out the way they anticipated it, and definitely could have ended with arguments, fights, anger and bad memories, but hey they made the decision to make the most out of the situation.

Realistically, what is the big deal. Even if the whole dinner was ruined, what could it have really cost? $100? A couple hours? But the funny but real fact is, they started a new tradition.  Keep that in mind. You have never experienced this holiday season before and you can actually start a new tradition. You can create some new fun, excitement and memories that can be remember for years to come.  Use this holiday as an adventure. Remember, you only have so many holidays to experience, so why don’t you make the most out of them?

Plus – just think of the neighbors trying to explain to their friends about the food fight you had in the backyard and how much fun it looked and everyone was laughing and having so much fun, rather than just another Thanksgiving of the past.  Take this as a challenge and let us know how yours turns out! Make memories, run with the wild heart warrior!!